Play Therapist Dun Laoghaire

Mischa O’Mahony | Play Therapist

PG Cert in Therapeutic Play Skills & PG Dip in Play Therapy, both with APAC (Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy)

Mischa is a play therapist, working with children aged 4-12 years.

Play therapy is a gentle and child-centred approach to therapy, it empowers children to express their inner world through play and find their own way to communicate and bring understanding around big emotions.

Mischa uses a holistic integrative approach in her practice, offering clients the use of a wide variety of creative media such as art (painting, drawing, crafts), sand play, clay, music, puppets, role-play, messy play, creative visualisation and stories, to express themselves in the therapy room. 

Play is a child’s language and Mischa firmly believes that every child has their unique story to tell, she is an attentive listener in her therapeutic work, guiding them towards regulation, increased self-esteem and healing.

The playroom is a safe place to just be – a place to be yourself.  

Member of Play Therapy Ireland (PTIrl) / Play Therapy International (PTI) and the Irish Play Therapy Community Association (IPTCA)

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